The Taranaki Steelformers Around The Mountain Relay Event is this year supporting the new St John Community Centre appeal. Let’s see which team can raise the most money for this much needed facility, which will be supporting all Taranaki residents in many ways!

When we found out that St John had to raise funds for a new building we came up with the following idea of how they could use the Steelformers event as a fundraiser. We plan to run team leader boards from Mid August leading up to the event with bi weekly giveaways announced by Ken and Anna on More FM.

We have set up a dual fundraising and kilometre tracking page with Everydayhero. click on Everydayhero to find out more. Click on Start Fundraising.Team Leaders/Managers set up your own page then set up your team page. Team managers are asked to register their teams on this site and then invite team members to join their page and attach their training devices to clock team kilometres completed whilst training for the event.

  1. We will have a prize for the team that raises the most funds for St John.
  2. Also the team that clocks the most training kilometres in preparation for the big day/night on Nov 1st and 2nd will pick up a free team banquet.

How to create a team ( An initial small donation is required to ensure your team page is live . )
How to join an existing team
How to connect your fitness app to your supporter page

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