30K & 50K Mountain Bike Event


Collection of ride pack, ride number and timing chips on Friday 25th January is from the TSB Stadium, Mason Drive (next to the racecourse) 3.00pm until 10.00pm and Saturday 6.00am until 7.00am. This year we are again doing our “bit” to reduce the amount of plastic bags used and a HUGE thank you goes to Paper Pac, Auckland who supplied us with Brown paper bags with handles for your registration pack.


We are using disposable timing chips that are embedded into the number plates. It’s really important that these are attached to the handle bars of your bike so that your times are picked up at the start and finish.

Important please read

Access to the Start area. The Start area on Mason Drive will be closed to all vehicles from 6.00am and open again after 5pm when all riders have finished. There is no all day parking on Ridge Lane, Rogan or Gover Streets. Riders wanting to leave their vehicle at the venue all day must enter via Mason Drive well before 6.00am as the road will be closed after that for the start of the event, access after 6.00am is via Coronation Ave next to the Saddle & Sulky motel. Please refer to the vehicle access/parking map attached to the email.

Start Times

The BDO Around the Mountain event starts at 7.30am

The Mountain Bike event will start at 8.00am once all the other cyclists in the above event have left. There will be a neutral start through to Hobson Street led by a Motor Bike.

The Course

The course starts in Mason Drive by TSB Stadium then a right turn into Rogan Street and a right turn to Coronation Ave, there will be a full traffic stop in place on this corner for the start. 250m along Coronation Ave turn left into Bell Street. Follow the road through the back of the Polytechnic until the T junction, turn left then right into Hobson Street. Turn right into Lemon Street, this will be traffic controlled until 8.30am. Access the Te Henui Walkway at the end of Lemon Street, take a right at the bottom of the gravel track and follow the Te Henui track to Cumberland St, pass under bridge then go over bridge and turn left into grass area, following single track to SH3.

On SH3 0.3K past Mangorei Rd turn left onto Burgess Hill Rd. Access the bush area and turn right at the bottom of the first drop and proceed to bottom of Burgess Park hill, pass over bridge walkway then dismount and enter DOC bush on left. Follow the track turning right at the fork to the Meeting of the Waters Car park. Pass through the car park then dismount before dropping down stairs, proceed around bluff beside river and take a right through the paddock to the road leading to Topec, take a right turn to top of hill and then left up Hydro Rd. Turn right onto the farmers race then follow the bridal path to Lake Mangamahoe Rd. Take a left at Lake Mangamahoe Rd to MTB tracks at the bottom of the Lake. Complete either the 10km or 30km tracks then access Lake Mangamahoe Rd to SH3 and return to the finish area on Mason Drive


When Traffic Management have set up road closures, after last of relay riders have departed,we will have a neutral start planed for around 8.00am. You will follow the pilot motor bike to Hobson Street. Throughout the whole event ride according to your ability and always consider other participants, under no circumstance are you permitted to pass the pilot Motor Bike as this will result in a DQ. Be careful when accessing the Te Henui walkway at the end of Lemon Street via the downhill gravel path.

The Tracks will be well marshalled and we are not expecting any walkers or joggers between here and SH3. However keep to the left as best you can, passing on the right. At any stage in the ride if you are the first person behind an accident ensure the rider is okay before proceeding.  In the case of a serious accident needing medical help,the next person at the scene should alert the nearest marshal. Keep to the left on Lake Mangamahoe Road as it is open to the public during the day. You will also be travelling on open roads at times so please obey the road rules, don’t cross the centre line and keep well to the left.

The on-course marshals will assist traffic flow. We will have a radio network covering the course and key medical personnel will be in place if required. Put on lots of sunscreen and keep well hydrated during the day.

Note: We have arranged for the first group of riders in each event to take advantage of a Stop/Go situation where Lake Mangamahoe Road meets SH3.


Everyone must proceed with caution and PLEASE take note of all marshall instructions.

General Information

  • Vehicle access to the venue on Saturday will be via Coronation Ave entrance to the racecourse by the Saddle & Sulky Motel.  Rogan St and Mason Drive will be closed from 6.00am.
  • The Coronation Avenue entrance will be your in/out access throughout the day,and is open after 6.00am. Marshals will be controlling the area all day and please be mindful of cyclists travelling along Coronation Ave. When driving through the race course area you will be marshalled through to the parking areas.
  • We will have video clips of the riders coming over the finish line  on the big screen during the day.
  • Your food voucher entitles you to a Beef, Chicken or Vege Burger at the end of the ride.
  • Your drink voucher entitles you to a beer or a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Our Liquor Licence is conditional on this not being a BYO event, we will have food and drink for sale.
  • We will have a live band from 2.00pm on Saturday. Portaloos are available on the site and toilets are available in the TSB Stadium foyer, please remove your cycle shoes before entering the stadium.
  • Showers available in the TSB Stadium after your ride. Provisional results will be displayed on the Events Caravan when they become available. Pop $20.00 in your cycle jersey and treat yourself to a massage when you finish.
  • The results will be on the website Saturday evening. Times are based on start time of each group as you cross the line.
  • Solo artist Tumehe will provide music through to prize giving at 5.00pm.
  • Major spot prizes are computer generated by the timing company after the field has left on Saturday morning. Every person who participates in the event is entered in this draw. You must be present and provide some form of ID to collect your prize. It is important that you advise us of any change of rider names as soon as you know.
  • Marathon photos will be there to capture you out on the course and as you cross the finish line so please place your helmet number on the front of your helmet. Photos will be available for sale on the website during the week following the event. www.marathon-photos.com  

While you are in New Plymouth, take a walk or quiet ride along the foreshore walkway, check out the Len Lye building and a visit to the Festival of the Lights at Pukekura Park at night is well worth doing. To our out of town and overseas visitors we extend a warm welcome and trust you have a great weekend in Taranaki.

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